Probation Violation Defense Attorney In Philadelphia

At Brennan Law Offices in Philadelphia, we know that many criminal defendants are not guilty. In cases involving parole and probation, there are often reasons beyond the control of the defendant that can lead to a violation charge. Even when there has been a demonstrable violation or a crime, skilled representation before the court or parole board can mitigate the consequences, or result in acquittal or dismissal of the charges.When we represent you in a probation or parole violation matter, we will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case to look for legal avenues to overcome the charges. If it is a mere technical violation of the conditions of your parole or probation, such as a delay or failure to report your whereabouts, we will work to present your case in the best light possible. If you have not yet been arrested for the violation, we can arrange your surrender and go before the court to obtain a bond for your release.

Violations Involving Criminal Charges

In cases involving an arrest on a second criminal charge, we take a different approach. We assertively defend all of the rights of our client. Under certain circumstances, we can go to court to file a petition to lift the detainer and obtain the client’s release before the trial on the new charges.

The founder of our firm, attorney William J. Brennan, has over 25 years’ experience as a criminal lawyer representing persons accused of probation and parole violations. The lawyers at Brennan Law Offices understand probation and parole violation charges. We know how to represent you in a way that best preserves your rights.

For More Information About Probation Or Parole Violations

Brennan Law Offices has skilled legal professionals available 24 hours a day to take your call. For a free consultation, contact a parole and probation violations lawyer at Brennan Law Offices, or call 215-568-1400. We represent clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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