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Intoxicated man struggles with police after urinating on truck

Truck Work

A long struggle resulted when Pennsylvania State Police troopers encountered a man urinating on a running truck next to East Queen Street in Chambersburg. Court documents detailed the encounter that began when troopers questioned the 24-year-old that they described as stumbling with bloodshot eyes.

At first, the suspect walked away from the troopers before eventually stopping for them. He then put up a fight when they tried to handcuff him. A trooper used a stun gun on the suspect but it did not subdue him. According to their report, troopers spent several minutes wrestling him into submission.

Upon being taken into custody, the man told police that he had been driving the truck before he stopped to urinate on it. About 25 minutes after detaining him, the troopers took him to Chambersburg Hospital, where medical staff took a blood sample. The laboratory results showed that he had a blood alcohol concentration of .114 percent, which is over the legal limit for operating a vehicle. Authorities placed the man in Franklin County Jail and set his bail at $35,000.

An arrest that results in drunk driving charges could produce heavy fines, loss of a driver’s license and even jail time. A criminal defense attorney could guide an alleged offender through the criminal justice system and potentially provide defense. Legal counsel might be able to challenge the validity of evidence if mistakes occurred during the administration of a field sobriety test. Alternatively, an attorney might arrange for a plea deal that replaces jail time with an alcohol education program.

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