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Common Sentencing Alternatives

Common Sentencing Alternatives

Are you a defendant in a criminal case that constantly makes you fear the verdicts you will suffer in the end? It’s a must for anyone facing a court case to understand the decision of the court related to the verdict. It’s also crucial to have an attorney with in-depth knowledge of the impact of the alternative sentencing method on the verdict, either indirectly or directly. In this article, we’re going to view the typical sentencing strategies at the trials and their effect on your life.

Importance of Hiring a Skilled Criminal Attorney

Before getting into the fine intricacies of the various possible sentencing terms, let us be clear about the need for bringing in a competent criminal attorney to fight the battle for you. The role of an experienced lawyer is to provide legal advice that is suitable for your problem, and to negotiate with prosecutors and eventually intend to give an outcome in favor of you in your case.

Probation constitutes a key alternative to incarceration, as the defender is released into their community under the supervision of the court and the terms set by the court. These conditions can be the result of having regular meetings with a probation counselor and attending counseling sessions, rehabilitation, and behavior control centers and programs.

Rather than the usual option of serving time in jail or prison, a judge may instead order the defendant to do a certain number of hours of community service. It also gives a chance for a person to exhibit a healthy pattern of thought by giving back to society, and, at the same time, he/she isn’t allowed to stray from court-appointed instructions or guidelines.

On some occasions, the judge may grant the defendant to serve the sentence at home, under electronic monitoring. In this case, the individual can do their activities in a mostly normal way and still be restricted to their residence at specific hours. If the crime was a victim who suffered financial losses, the court can instruct the perpetrator to make restitution payments. In such a way, the victim can receive compensation for the existing damage, which is usually put in place during sentencing.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs can also be included in the sentencing process as an alternative to a prison sentence. For example, in drug abuse cases, judges may order defendants to go through treatment as part of the sentence. This focuses on the person’s needs and the reasons behind the behavior, as well as on offering the necessary help in conquering the addiction.

Besides imposing normal sentencing, a judge may, additionally, offer deferred adjudication, and the defendant will simultaneously be required to comply with conditions stipulated by the court, as well as to have the trial suspended upon successfully completing the program. This may constitute a new opportunity for some people in terms of not being permanently restricted.

If you’re faced with a DUI charge in Pennsylvania, it’s imperative that you look for the assistance of established PA DUI lawyers. If you’re lucky enough to hire a professional lawyer, they’ll give you legal representation, negotiate with prosecutors, and sort the matter out in such a way that it doesn’t affect your future too adversely.

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Knowing the types of sentencing alternatives that might be applied to criminal cases is critical if someone is facing legal issues. Through hiring a competent defense lawyer and examining feasible alternative sentencing options, individuals strive for what would be a favorable outcome for their case. Bear in mind that every case is individual and, therefore, it’s important to find advice that would suit your exact situation.

If you would like to find out more information or details about criminal defense options, please reach out to the best criminal attorney in Philadelphia, or a PA DUI attorney. Our team at Brennan Law Offices are standing by to assist you.


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