Defense Attorney For Internet Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are highly inflammatory in nature, especially when children are involved. These crimes have a tendency to be tried by the media based on their sensational characteristics and in the court of public opinion by individuals quick to judge while ignorant of the facts of the case. At Brennan Law Offices, our Philadelphia sex crime defense attorneys understand the sensitive nature of these types of sex crimes and endeavor to resolve them according to the facts and the law only while always protecting your legal rights.

After over 25 years of criminal defense practice, we are especially adept at identifying false or retaliatory accusations made by individuals who choose to exploit the emotional aspect of these cases. Real sex crimes occur every day. Unfortunately, law enforcement tends to judge and convict the accused based on first appearances.

At Brennan Law Offices in Philadelphia, our lawyers have extensive experience in the prosecution of these types of cases and receive ongoing training on new laws and defense techniques to secure reduced/dropped charges or an acquittal/dismissal during trial. Call 215-568-1400 or to schedule a free initial consultation concerning child porn or solicitation charges. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

A Note On Internet Solicitation

This emerging area of law involves using computers and online internet chat rooms to lure minor children into sexual situations. With less than two decades of precedent, the tactics used by law enforcement frequently step over the line into entrapment, resulting in criminal charges and public humiliation for individuals misled by police while innocently engaging in online communication. At Brennan Law Offices, our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys have been at the vanguard of defense strategies for this unique area and consult with a network of technological and legal experts to question the evidence and identify weaknesses and entrapment in the prosecution's case.

A Strong Defense Against Internet Sex Crime Charges Starts Here

Being charged with a sex crime does not make you guilty. If you are the victim of false or retaliatory claims and are facing serious criminal sexual conduct charges, contact Brennan Law Offices today for a free consultation and review of your legal rights. Our criminal defense attorneys don't judge — it's our job to ensure that everyone receives equal protection under the law. Our goal is a favorable result based on the facts and a quick end to these embarrassing charges so you can return to your family and get on with your life.

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