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Mistakes happen, but they shouldn't always have to haunt people forever. That is why, in the criminal justice system, an expungement allows people with black marks on their criminal record to erase those marks for good. At Brennan Law Offices, we have extensive experience helping people with the process of obtaining criminal record expungements.

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Erase The Conviction From Your Record

At Brennan Law Offices, we understand how important it is to your future to have a clean criminal record. We can help you pursue this critical goal through a criminal record expungement. We will help you with all of the steps involved in getting an expungement, including gathering and preparing all of the necessary documents and petitioning the court.

Considering the severity of subsequent DUI convictions, drug convictions and multiple offenses for other crimes, it is especially important to have a clean record. Without an expungement, a minor slip-up could turn into a legal nightmare that has you facing years in prison. Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous expungements and are prepared to help you restore your record to its former state.

Clearing Your Record Starts Here

Do you need help sealing a criminal record? Contact us today online or by telephone at 215-568-1400 to discuss your case with a highly qualified criminal defense attorney.

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