Burglary Defense Lawyers In Philadelphia

Burglary and robbery charges can result in severe criminal penalties, including fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. We will use our extensive experience in negotiations and trials to secure the best possible result for our clients based solely on the facts and the law.

Our attorneys provide an aggressive defense against robbery and burglary charges in the Philadelphia area. Call 215-568-1400 for a free initial consultation. We are trial lawyers who are capable of taking your case to court if needed to protect your future and your freedom.

It is the job of the police and prosecutors to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The police may attempt to make deals or intimidate you before you have a chance to speak to an attorney. This is in the hopes that you will make incriminating statements that will seal your fate before you can get assistance from a lawyer. While we always recommend respectful interaction with law enforcement, always be aware of your rights. You are under no obligation to make statements to the police after your arrest.

Our criminal defense lawyers have earned a solid reputation from peers and legal adversaries for our dedication to a thorough investigation of an incident, the examination of police tactics and the identification and exploitation in the prosecution's case.

It's the job of the police to put you in jail, and it's our job to keep you out. If you are facing felony, burglary or robbery charges, you need a timely, affordable defense that keeps you out of jail.

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Call 215-568-1400, or contact us online for a free initial consultation. From our office in Philadelphia, we represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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