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5 FAQs When Your Child Is Arrested

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One of the worst things that could happen has. Your child has been arrested. You have now found yourself and your child in the juvenile justice system. This means that your minor child will face consequences that fall in line with the juvenile court rather than adult court. You have a lot of questions.

First, do you need a lawyer? A lawyer can help you navigate the justice system and help keep your child’s case out of adult court. A Philadelphia, PA criminal attorney will ensure that your child’s rights are protected throughout the process. They know the system and will work hard to do whatever they can to ensure your child’s case stays in the juvenile system. They understand the goal of the system is to rehabilitate rather than punish.

What can a lawyer do? A criminal defense Philadelphia lawyer can work toward plea agreements or alternatives to prosecution. Some of these alternatives could include going to counseling or performing public service.

If your child’s case has already been sent to adult court, a lawyer can work with prosecutors and other agencies to have your child’s case decertified and litigated in juvenile court.

If your child’s case has already been litigated and decided, a lawyer can work to achieve an expungement. The lawyers at Brennan Law Office believe that children can become contributing members of society with the proper help and support, not a criminal record.

Why do I want a professional to protect my child? For the past 25 years, the lawyers at Brennan Law Offices have been working hard to protect the rights of the accused, including juveniles. They have experience defending against a variety of crimes such as trespassing, gang activity, drug possession, vandalism, and traffic violations.

What if my child’s crime is more serious than that? Most people don’t know the in’s and out’s of court filings. It is easy to miss little details that can make or break your child’s case and cost them time in the juvenile offender system, or worse yet, the adult offender system. An experienced attorney knows the paperwork, knows the court system, and knows what deadlines are ahead.

Finally, who do you call for help? Call a lawyer that is experienced. Call a lawyer that believes that your child can get back on track. Call a lawyer that wants to keep your child’s involvement with the juvenile system to a minimum. Call the lawyers at Brennan Law Offices.

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