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Philadelphia White Collar Crime Lawyer

When you are charged with a white collar crime, you need an immediate response from aggressive criminal defense attorneys. At Brennan Law Offices, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our lawyers will fight your federal criminal charges to protect your rights and your freedoms.

Contact us online or by telephone to speak with an experienced white collar crime defense lawyer. Based in Philadelphia, we represent clients from Pennsylvania and New Jersey in a wide range of criminal defense issues.

Knowledgeable Federal Law Attorneys

Federal crimes involve the violation of the United States criminal code, interstate criminal activity or crimes that occur on federal property or victimize government agencies or employees. While it is possible to be charged at both state and federal levels, it is very important to remember that preparing and presenting a criminal defense in federal court is a skill practiced by only a few, very accomplished Philadelphia attorneys, including the trial lawyers at Brennan Law Offices.

Each of our federal criminal defense attorneys is uniquely qualified to protect your rights and represent your interests while facing federal criminal charges. Since 1987, we have successfully handled hundreds of federal cases and our reputation for steadfast representation and results is well known to both our peers and legal adversaries.

Types of White Collar Crime

Our lawyers are appointed to defend federal cases by the federal court itself. At Brennan Law Offices, we represent clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey charged with the broad spectrum of federal and white collar crimes, including:

Our white collar offense attorneys will also protect your interests in sex crime cases, prostitution, gambling, money laundering and counterfeiting.

The Brennan Difference

Federal criminal complaints are very different from state charges and usually require a substantial amount of preparation, investigation and a comprehensive knowledge of federal criminal statutes. If you are facing federal charges, it is very important that you have an understanding and aggressive attorney in your corner. Your choice of attorney could be the difference between years in prison or going home to your family.

A Strong Defense Starts Here

If you are facing white collar criminal charges, it is important to act in a timely manner. The prosecution is already busy building a case against you. Contact us online or by telephone to discuss your case with a highly qualified defense attorney. For your convenience, we offer free initial consultations, accept credit cards and offer payment plans.

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Accomplished Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Law Firm

There is the criminal justice system, and then there is the Philadelphia criminal justice system. If you have been charged with a crime in Philadelphia, it can help tremendously to have a defense attorney on your side who knows the lay of the land. At Brennan Law Offices, we know criminal law and we know this city and its courts. When you need a strong defense, you can rely on the Brennan Law Offices to fight for you.

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