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Lawyer Bill Brennan Speaks Out about Brendan Creato Case on the CW

Law enforcement is still trying to figure out who may have murdered Brendan Link Creato. When 3-year-old Brendan, of Haddon Township, New Jersey, went missing early one morning in October of 2015, the search was on for answers. In fact, in less than three hours, the Delaware River Port Authority Police Department, with the help of a K-9 dog, had tracked the little boy to a wooded area near Cooper River where his lifeless body was found.

However, the discovery of Brendan’s body on Oct. 13 left both the stunned community and law enforcement officials with more questions than answers. Even after an autopsy came back inconclusive, Creato’s parents and family are “still in the dark” about what happened to the little boy, said William Brennan, the attorney representing Brendan’s grandparents in the case.

Brendan’s parents are not married but live near each other in Haddon Township, NJ. The boy spent Oct. 12 with his grandparents and was dropped off at his father’s house at 9:30 that evening. He was discovered missing the following morning. The investigation revealed no sign of trauma to the boy’s body nor any sign of forced entry at the father’s home.

William Brennan said his clients “deserve the common decency of being kept in the loop.” However, he added, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office has done the opposite. When Brendan’s “more in-depth” toxicology report came back negative, Brennan said the prosecutor’s office failed to inform the family or Brennan. “When the tox was negative, my phone should have been ringing off the hook,” the Philadelphia lawyer said.

Brendan’s grandparents have done nothing wrong, their attorney said. “They simply want closure from the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.”

“The autopsy was inconclusive, the toxicology was negative and there are no signs of any abuse. That’s what we know,” Brennan told CW reporter David Spunt.

The child’s grandfather, David Creato Sr., was quoted in the Courier Post as saying Brendan’s death “made no sense.”

If you have any information about this case, contact the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office at 856-225-8561 or the Haddon Township Police Department at 856-833-6208.


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