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Changes to stop wrong eyewitness identifications

Even though there has long been research showing how unreliable eyewitness identifications can be, law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation have resisted instituting changes in the process. However, the wave of exonerations over the past 30 years has been spurred by DNA testing and provided undeniable evidence that the wrong individual had been found guilty.

Report: Secret federal surveillance behind many state arrests

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees every criminal defendant the right to confront the witnesses and evidence against them. Other amendments require that any evidence be collected lawfully and that no defendant be convicted without due process of law.

Campus-related drinking effects can lead to harsh outcomes

College life typically represents young adults' first time living on their own. Being away from the parents provides a sense of independence and responsibility, plenty of campus and personal opportunities as well as some temptations. The latter can lead to plenty of experimenting including with alcohol.

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