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Woman allegedly smuggled drugs into prison in her hair

Authorities at a Pennsylvania prison wondered why there seemed to be an increase in drugs distributed throughout the prison. They claim that a 29-year-old woman had smuggled methamphetamine, cocaine and LSD into the prison in her hair weave.

The 29-year-old woman had originally been charged with two felony theft counts. She was booked into the jail on Jan. 5 after she was unable to make bail. When authorities began to look into the drugs circulating in the prison, two women told them that the woman had been asking them about LSD. They said the woman gave them LSD and told them she had more.

Officials got a search warrant, and the woman reportedly had a strong reaction to the searching of her hair, but nothing was found. However, the following day, officials say more than 70 doses of LSD and half a pound of cocaine and methamphetamine were found under her weave. Allegedly, a glass pipe was also discovered. The woman was charged with nine misdemeanor counts and nine felony counts.

People in Pennsylvania who are facing drug charges might want to consult an attorney. Even in circumstances that are less serious than this, a conviction for drug possession can have severe legal consequences as well as affect a person's life in other ways. For example, drug convictions may affect a person's eligibility for some types of housing or student loans. A plea bargain might allow a person to make a deal with the prosecution and plead guilty to lesser charges. This may also result in a lighter sentence. An attorney might also look into how the investigation was conducted and whether a person's rights were observed.

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