Criminal Defense Appeals Attorney In Philadelphia

The criminal justice system offers a second chance for justice for those who were not given a fair chance the first time around. At Brennan Law Offices, we have successfully handled many appeals for people who have been convicted of state and federal crimes. We are equipped to help you make the most of your second chance.

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Was There A Mistake In Your Trial?

At Brennan Law Offices, we help people with criminal appeals for a wide range of offenses. An appeal can be filed when mistakes are made by judges, attorneys or jurors in the original trial. We will carefully explore all facets of your original trial, asking these important questions to determine whether or not there are grounds for appeal:

  • Was evidence used against you that should have been thrown out?
  • Was evidence that might have helped you not admitted?
  • Were there procedural mistakes made during the course of your trial?
  • Did the judge overlook critical information that should have been considered?
  • Was the prosecution allowed to make arguments it should not have?
  • Was the jury given clear and appropriate instructions?
  • Was your sentence excessive or inappropriate?

Our attorneys have extensive experience practicing in state and federal appeals courts throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Attorney William J. Brennan is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. We understand the special rules and procedures of appellate trials and are prepared to help you seek a successful result.

A Strong Criminal Appeal Starts Here

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