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4 Men Missing and Found Dead Captured the Nation’s Attention

Four young men went missing from the same area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After searching for these men, a suspect came to light that was trying to sell the car of one of the missing men. Police searched the family farm of the accused and located the bodies of the four men.

The accused pleaded guilty to four counts of murder. As agreed upon in his plea deal, doing so the death penalty off of the table at sentencing. The accused told prosecutors that they were killed in drug deals that had gone bad. He mentioned that he’d felt threatened or cheated by the men, and that’s what caused him to kill them. His cousin has also been arrested, and has been charged with assisting his cousin in trying to cover up the crimes and other criminal actions.

One of the biggest red flags with the suspect in this situation is that the police have had about 40 instances where they have encountered him starting when he was 14-years-old. Some of these reports have included mental health issues having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and being taken to a mental institution where he was involuntarily committed. He’s also admitted to killing two men when he was only 15, but these comments have not yet been substantiated. His cousin also has a checkered past when it comes to law enforcement.

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